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Started in 1988 in a small town in southwestern corner of the country, they set the foundation of the Polish sound system scene. According to their slogan „School of Heavy Dance”, the sets are full of dub dynamics in a real punky style. DJ Bass Reprodukktor Priest Maken I conquers the stage in a priest uniform and Activator gets mad on the effects like no-one else in Poland.

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am i missing out by not dating Maken recalls the beginnings : "I was attracted by the sound system world after I realized I like dancing to the radical music that speaks out important issues similar way to punk, but with dance and groove potential. When it turned out that Dennis Bovell’s basslines and radical dubs from Black Uhuru can move mountains on large speakers, someone said that in Jamaica it is called a sound system ... This was all we knew at that time. It was an early stage of capitalism in Poland and every day on TV you could hear another joint venture was formed. However, our associations with this term were different than a business enterprise 🙂 After some time Activator moved to Zgorzelec. He started working as a sound engineer at the community center where I was putting up the shows. Effects and mixers were deep close to his heart, so we joined forces."
JVSS are on the radical side of reggae, electro dub, modern ethnic music, some jungle & dubstep. You won’t hear candy melodies and lyrics here.
Activator is one of the most experienced Polish producers. He travelled around the world working as live dub engineer for the most successful Polish world music act – Warsaw Village Band. He also worked both live and in the studio with almost all Polish top Polish reggae acts and beyond. Activator released a compilation of his remixes entitled „Remixy” (2003, also licenced to France), including his work for Macka B, Zion Train, The Rootsman etc. You can also hear his mixes on Adrian Sherwood, The Rootsman, Warsaw Village Band or Zion Train’s releases. His Studio As One is known worlwide as mastering specialists (Zion Train, Dubterror albums etc.).
Activator’s part in JVSS is a dub master – using effects, adding space and craziness to the music and the voice. The sound system always kicks loud and clear.
DJ Bass Reprodukktor Priest Maken I is a selector and MC / stage performer, wearing a priest uniform on stage. He hosts „Strefa Dread” weekly reggae show on the Polish National Radio, Czwórka, for over 9 years. Joint Venture with VJ Majonez performed regular live audiovisual shows there. Maken is also an agent responsible for many shows, bringing modern dub to Poland or producing first Polish recording sessions in Jamaica.
Joint Venture Sound System performed with many guests including memorable inputs and tours with Reggaenerator (Vavamuffin), Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation), Brother Culture or Hornsman Coyote.
They were co-producers of „Dub Out Of Poland” compilation series – first ever Polish dub compilations as well as „Upmixing” – Warsaw Village band’s remixes collection.
During all those years JVSS performed hundreds of parties in Poland and abroad (Czech, Slovakia, France, Germany, Russia, UK) and experienced many adventures.

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Joint Venture Sound System - “20 Years of Ripping off the speakers”, anniversary party
Joint Venture Sound System, Polskie Radio „Czwórka”, 09-05-2011

Joint Venture Sound System - Live Reggae na Piaskach 2014

Joint Venture Sound System, Polskie Radio „Czwórka”, 05-09-2011

Joint Venture Sound System feat. Ghetto Priest live 2007

Joint Venture Sound System live 2004 on tour with Zion Train

Joint Venture Sound System – “20 Years of Ripping off the speakers”, anniversary party (TVP Kultura)

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